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Now In: $20 St. Gaudens Gold Eagle
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$20 St. Gaudens Gold Eagle

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The $20 Saint-Gaudens gold coin is America’s most beautiful and sought-after gold coin.  It was designed by Augustus Saint-Gaudens, who was one of America’s greatest 20th century sculptors, at the request of President Theodore Roosevelt.  When he saw the first coin in 1907, Roosevelt proclaimed that it was, “The best coin minted in 2,000 years!”  The coin was minted only from 1907-1933 and is America’s last $20 gold coin minted for circulation.
The coin offered here is an original $20 Saint-Gaudens gold coin in beautiful About Uncirculated to Brilliant Uncirculated condition.  The obverse features a magnificent image of Lady Liberty.  She hold the torch of wisdom in one hand and an olive branch of peace in the other.  The Capitol in Washington, D.C., can be seen at about the 7 o’clock position.  Surrounding the design are 46 or 48 stars – one for each state in the Union at the time the coin was issued.  (From 1907-1911 there are 46 stars.  Arizona and New Mexico joined the Union in 1912, so coins dated 1912 and later have 48 stars.) 
The reverse shows a magnificent American Eagle in flight.  Most coins also feature the phrase “In God We Trust” on the reverse.  Roosevelt believed that placing God’s name on coins was blasphemy, so the first coins in 1907 and part of 1908 do not have the phrase.  Congress, however, ordered “In God We Trust” added to the design later in 1908.
This coin also has a “third side” – the edge that is inscribed “E PLURIBUS UNUM.”  Edge wording is rare on U.S. coins, and this is one of the few coins ever made with this unusual and highly desirable feature.
In addition to its beauty, this classic coin also contains nearly one ounce of pure gold.  At the time it was made, the price of gold was standardized and unchanging – and the coin contained exactly $20 worth of gold.  It has a face value of $20 and was known as a “Double Eagle” because the coinage Act of 1792 specified that U.S. currency would be cents, dollars, and Eagles (a gold “Eagle” being worth $10).  $20 in the early 20th century represented about a month’s pay for the average worker.
Only a fraction of all $20 gold coins have survived, because President Franklin Roosevelt confiscated all gold coins in 1933.  They were melted by the U.S. government, so the only remaining gold coins were hidden in secret hoards.  It was illegal to own this coin from 1933 until the early 1970’s. 
Over the years, the rising price of gold has made this coin even harder to find.  Few collectors or dealers are willing to part with the coins … and many coins have been melted for the gold in order to secure quick profits.  With gold currently at a historical high of more than $600 an ounce, there are very few of these classic $20 gold coins on the market – especially in the high grade of About Uncirculated to Brilliant Uncirculated condition.
Comes in a wooden display box.

Weight: 1.00
Price: $3,495.00


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