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Queen Elizabeth II came to the throne in 1952, and her portrait first appeared on Canadian coins in 1953. Over the past 50 years, the portrait has been modified to reflect her true image over her long reign. Now, this collection brings together the three different portraits that have appeared on Canada’s coins during the first 50 years of Elizabeth II’s reign.

The coins in the collection are the large 50 cents coins from the three periods of Elizabeth II’s reign. This coin has remained consistent in size throughout the era, so the three coins make a beautiful presentation. The 50 cents is also the largest coin struck for circulation during the 50 years represented in the collection, so it is the perfect way to represent the changing images.

In addition, the changing face of Queen Elizabeth II is a “first” in Canadian coinage history. Never before has the portrait of a single monarch changed even once on Canada’s coins – so the three different Queen Elizabeth II portraits are very unusual and highly collectible.

This collection not only brings together the three different Queen Elizabeth II portraits, but it is also a tribute to Queen Elizabeth II and her long reign.

The first coin is the original 1953-1964 50 cents that was struck in .800 silver. It shows the famous Mary Gillick portrait of a young Queen Elizabeth II that appeared on Canada’s coins as well as British and commonwealth coins around the world. It is perhaps the most famous image of Queen Elizabeth II ever to appear on coins. The last coin was struck 40 years ago in 1964, so it has not been seen in many years. What’s more, all of these coins were struck in .800 silver – and most have been melted for their precious silver, leaving only a few for collectors.

The second coin was struck from 1965-1989 and depicts the queen in a tiara. The image was created by Arnold Machin, a legendary sculptor and engraver whose portrait of Queen Elizabeth II has been used on all British stamps since 1967. The image on the 50 cents coin shows a slightly older Elizabeth II wearing a tiara.

The third coin is the 1990-2003 coin that shows a portrait by Dora DePedery-Hunt of the mature queen wearing a crown. This portrait was used until late 2003, when a more up-to-date portrait was scheduled to be introduced. As a result, the three coins in this collection are all obsolete and the portraits are no longer being used by the Royal Canadian Mint.

All three coins are displayed in a custom presentation and come with a certificate of authenticity.

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