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• The Morgan Silver Dollar is the legendary coin of the ”Wild West.”

• It was minted from 1878-1921, so 1921 is the final year of issue.

• This collection features the complete three-coin set of the last Morgan Silver Dollars from 1921. 

• Each coin was struck at a different U.S. Mint:  Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco.

• All three coins are in original Brilliant Uncirculated condition.

• The Denver coin is the first and only Morgan Silver Dollar (as well as the first-ever Dollar coin) from the Denver Mint.

• The coin is named after its designer, George T. Morgan, an engraver with the U.S. Mint.

• The obverse portrays Lady Liberty wearing a slave’s cap (an ancient symbol of freedom) with the word “Liberty” inscribed on a ribbon.

• The reverse features an American eagle holding the olive branch of peace and arrows of war.

• This is the largest U.S. silver coin ever made for circulation.

• It is almost 1-1/2 inches in diameter and it contains over 3/4 ounce of pure silver.

• The silver for this coin came from the famed Comstock Lode in Nevada.

• The San Francisco coin features the coveted “S” mint mark on the reverse, above the “DO” in “DOLLAR.”

• The Denver coin features the “D” mint mark, while the Philadelphia coin has no mint mark.

• Just a fraction of 1921 coins remain today – especially in Brilliant Uncirculated condition.

• The U.S. Government melted than 50% of all Morgan Silver Dollars to help pay for World War I.

• Millions more were destroyed, worn out in circulation, or melted in later years for the silver.

• There are three coins;  they were struck in .900 silver and .100 copper. 


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