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Now In: 2000-2008 35-piece Complete Sacagawea Dollar Set
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2000-2008 35-piece Complete Sacagawea Dollar Set

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The Sacagawea Golden Dollar was first minted in 2000 and is America's first golden coin as well as the first circulating coin to feature an identifiable Native American. This historic coin has been struck at three different United States Mints Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco - and this collection includes the complete set of coins from each of the three Mints for each of the nine years of production from 2000-2008. It is a complete date and mint mark collection that features 35 coins.


And since the Mint has announced that the reverse design will change in 2009, it truly is a complete set. Beginning in 2009, the reverse design will change each year to celebrate an important contribution of Indian tribes or individual Native Americans. Sacagawea Golden Dollars are struck at both the Philadelphia and Denver Mints in Brilliant Uncirculated condition.


In 2005, coins for the annual Mint Sets from Philadelphia and Denver were made in a special "satin" finish that is different from the regular Brilliant Uncirculated finish. The dies are sandblasted with a fine mixture of sand and glass beads. These 8 coins from 2005 to 2008 "satin" finish coins are included in the collection. In addition, a very limited edition of Proof coins is struck each year at the San Francisco Mint.


These coins are made available only to collectors and are not released into circulation. They are included in the annual Proof Set, so they are not made available individually. The only way to get one is to break open an original Proof Set. A Proof coin is very different from a regular Brilliant Uncirculated coin. It is struck at least twice on a specially polished coin blank, and the coin press is set at very high pressure. Regular coins are struck once.


The result is that the designs are much more three-dimensional, and the coins have a distinctive golden mirror-like background. The coins can be identified by the small "P" (Philadelphia), "D" (Denver), or "S" (San Francisco) under the date to the right of Sacagawea's portrait. This collection features both of the Brilliant Uncirculated coins as well as a rarely-seen Proof coin from each of the first nine years of issue, plus the "satin" coins from 2005 through 2008.


The 35 coins make the complete collection. There are no missing coins. Of special importance, the 2002 through 2008 coins from the Philadelphia and Denver Mints were not released to the general public. They were made in small quantities exclusively for collectors and can not be found in circulation. They are the rarest Uncirculated coins in the Sacagawea series - and all fourteen historic coins are included in this collection.


Sacagawea was the Native American guide who accompanied the Lewis and Clark Expedition in 1804-1806 on their quest to find a route to the Pacific Ocean. Without her knowledge of the land, the expedition would have failed, and America's westward expansion would have been delayed for many years. The coin depicts Sacagawea with her baby, Jean Baptiste, on her back.


The reverse of the coin features an American eagle in flight, as well as 17 stars. This unusual number of stars symbolizes the 17 states in the Union at the time of Sacagawea's journey with the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Each coin is protectively encased in a clear plastic holder, and the collection is displayed in a custom presentation case with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Wooden presentation box - for protection and display; holds all 35 coins - measures approx. 16.5"L x 11.5"W x 2.5"H


SKU: 5624-35
Weight: 5.00
Price: $329.00


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