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Now In: A Kennedy Brothers Commemorative Framed Coin and Stamp Set
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A Kennedy Brothers Commemorative Framed Coin and Stamp Set

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Kennedy Brothers Commemorative Framed Coin and Stamp Set Includes:

  • 1999 Connecticut state quarter (honoring Joseph)
  • 2001 New York state quarter (honoring Robert)
  • 2000 Massachusetts state quarter (honoring Edward "Ted")
  • 2009 Washington, DC quarter (honoring John)
  • 3-cent United States Navy stamp (honoring Joseph)
  • 15-cent RFK stamp (honoring Robert)
  • 3-cent Capital stamp (honoring Edward "Ted")
  • 5-cent JFK stamp (honoring John)
  • Matted frame
Product Features:

  • 1999 Connecticut state quarter - depicts Joseph P. Kennedy, who was killed in World War II on August 12, 1944, while flying a combat mission in Europe; also shown are the Navy Cross, Distinguished Flying Cross and Air Medal he was awarded for bravery in World War II. Joseph had many connections to Connecticut, including graduating from the Choate School in 1933
  • 2001 New York state quarter - shows Robert F. Kennedy, who was John F. Kennedy's Attorney General. Bobbie also served in the U.S. Senate from January 4, 1965, until his death on June 6, 1968. He was assassinated while campaigning for the Democratic nomination for President; also shown is a facsimile of his signature
  • 2000 Massachusetts state quarter - features Ted Kennedy, the youngest of the Kennedy brothers. He was elected to the U.S. Senate from Massachusetts on November 6, 1962, to fill the seat vacated by John F. Kennedy (which was filled temporarily in the interim). Teddie was still in the Senate at time of his death and was the only Kennedy brother to die of natural causes; also shown is a facsimile of his signature
  • 2009 Washington, D.C. state quarter - features John F. Kennedy, who was elected President in 1960 and served from January 20, 1961 until his death on November 22, 1963. Before becoming President, JFK was a U.S. Senator from Massachusetts and won a Pulitzer Prize for writing Profiles in Courage; also shown is a facsimile of his signature
  • Brilliant Uncirculated condition - high-quality mint condition coins that have never been distributed for public use
  • 4 stamps in Mint condition - genuine stamps
  • 1945 3-cent United States Navy stamp
  • 1979 15-cent RFK stamp
  • 1950 3-cent U.S. Capital stamp
  • 1964 5-cent JFK stamp; issued just months after his assassination
  • Matted black frame with sawtooth hanger back - features beautiful photos of each Kennedy brother with a facsimile signature; beautiful commemorative to "remembering the Kennedy men who made a difference;" measures approx. 14"H x 1"W x 20"L
  • Coins and stamps made in USA; frame made in China

Weight: 4.00
Price: $84.95


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