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Now In: Last Three Years of Washington Silver Quarters With FREE Silver Bicentennial Quarter
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Last Three Years of Washington Silver Quarters With FREE Silver Bicentennial Quarter

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• Three Washington Silver Quarters struck in .900 silver and .100 copper.

• Coins are dated 1962, 1963, and 1964 – the last three years the Washington Quarter was struck in silver for circulation.

• The coins are in hand-selected collectible condition; no specific mint marks are promised.

• Coin set is protectively displayed in a custom coin wallet with a Certificate of Authenticity. 

• The Washington Silver Quarter was first issued in 1932 to honor the 200th anniversary of George Washington’s birth.

• The obverse depicts a portrait of Washington based on a bust by Jean Antoine Houdon that was created during Washington’s lifetime.  The reverse shows an American eagle.

• By the early 1960’s the rising price of silver bullion forced the U.S. Mint to abandon silver in circulating coinage.

• The last Washington Silver Quarter was struck in 1964;  starting in 1965, the coin was struck in copper-nickel.

• Silver coins disappeared from pockets and purses generations ago, and millions of these coins have been melted through the years for the precious silver.

• Silver coins are always treasured by collectors, and the last silver coins in any coin series are particularly prized for their special place in coinage history.

• All three coins are now nearly 50 years old.

• The design of this coin has been obsolete since 1999 when the State Quarters series and then the National Parks series took the place of the traditional Washington Quarter.

• When you order this set now, you will also receive the 1976 Silver Bicentennial Quarter FREE.

• FREE coin was struck in .800 silver and .200 copper bonded to an inner core of .209 silver and .791 copper.

• The 1976 Quarter features a one-time-only design celebrating the 200th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence.

• Silver coin was issued for collectors and was not released into circulation.

• FREE coin is a $10 value.

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