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Now In: 1923 Horseblanket Silver Certificate
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1923 Horseblanket Silver Certificate

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• One $1 Silver Certificate banknote printed with ink on paper.

• Series of 1923 $1 Silver Certificate, but specific signature combination is not promised (may be different from the one pictured).  It is in hand-selected collectible condition.

• The note is displayed in a custom currency wallet that preserves its condition and allows it to be safely shown to family and friends. 

• That was the last large-size U.S. $1 bill.  It measures about 7-3/8 by 3-1/8 inches, or about 50 percent larger than today’s paper currency.

• It was replaced with the Series of 1928 $1 Silver Certificate that was the size of today’s paper currency.

• The note is so large that it was known as a “horse blanket” – large enough to cover a horse!

• The Silver Certificate features a blue Treasury seal and blue serial numbers on the front, which gives it a very different appearance from today’s Federal Reserve Notes that have green details.

• When this note was issued in the 1920’s, each $1 Silver Certificate was backed by an actual Morgan Silver Dollar or Peace Silver Dollar in the U.S. Treasury.

• The bearer of the note could, by law, exchange it on demand at the Treasury for the Silver Dollar.

• Due to it being worth a Silver Dollar, the Silver Certificate helped the American public accept paper money – because it was worth the same as a Silver Dollar.

• At this time, Silver Certificates circulated along with other types of paper currency such as U.S. Notes and Federal Reserve Notes,  Today, only Federal Reserve Notes circulate.

• The front features a portrait of George Washington based on a portrait by Gilbert Stuart.

• Most “horse blanket” Silver Certificates were worn out in circulation long ago or were destroyed by the U.S. government when the small-size notes were introduced.

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