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Now In: Double Dated Dimes (1916)
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Double Dated Dimes (1916)

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On rare occasions, the U.S. Mint strikes two different designs of the same denomination in the same year. 

• This happened in 1916, when it made the last Barber Silver Dime and the first Mercury Silver Dime. This collection features both of these historic coins.

• The Barber Silver Dime was designed by Charles E. Barber, one of the most famous coin designers in history. It features Liberty on the obverse and the denomination within a wreath on the reverse.

• The Mercury Silver Dime replaced the Barber Silver Dime in 1916.  Usually, coin designs are changed at the start of a new year, but in 1916 the Barber coin was made early in 1916 and the Mercury coin was made later in the year.  As a result, each coin was made for only part of the year.

• The obverse of the Mercury Dime features Liberty in a winged cap to represent freedom of thought.  However, people thought it showed Mercury, the ancient messenger of the gods … so it became mistakenly known as the Mercury Dime!

• Both coins were struck in 90% silver more than 95 years ago.  Millions of these coins were malted for the silver in the last few decades, leaving few for collectors. 

• The set comes in a custom display wallet with a Certificate of Authenticity.

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