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Now In: The Original New York Penny
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The Original New York Penny

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• The coin is known as a “Duit” and is renowned as the original New York Penny.
• It was struck between 1726 and 1794 at several different locations in Holland. 
• The coin is famous because it is similar to those used at the time when the Dutch 
bought Manhattan from the Native Americans for $24 in 1626.  New York was a Dutch colony,
so it was not unusual to find this coin in New York City.
• It is displayed in a custom presentation with information about the coin and New York in the 1700’s. 
• The Duit was a standard coin denomination in Holland. 
• Because of its size and copper composition, the Duit was known as a “Penny.”
• The copper Duit was issued by the Dutch East India Company, which owned large commercial
 ventures in India and southeast Asia.
• The Dutch East India Company was one of the world’s largest businesses in the 1700’s, and
 the Duit was a way to control commerce in its company stores and company towns overseas.
• There were no national coins in these areas, so the copper Duit circulated instead. 
• The initials “VOC” on one side of the coin stand for “Dutch East India Company.”
• The other side of the coin shows the coat of arms of the Dutch province where the coin was struck. 
• The Duit was also found throughout the colonies in the New World, because there was no national 
mint in America.  Instead, colonists used coins from around the world.  
• $24 in 1626 was the equivalent of 9,600 Duits.
• Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

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