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Now In: Colorized Quarters

Quite as amusing as other commemorative and limited edition collectibles are Mint coins, considered by many collectors as one of the rarest pieces of great values. The US quarter collections are not only brilliant items for personal collection but also great gift items that you can share with your friends and love ones. The use of radiant colors has made these quarter coins more attractive and their designs more distinctive. In fact, more young people are getting into the hobby of collecting these quarter coins

From the early releases of quarters plated in gold to that of quarters enhanced with the use of high quality holograms, recent releases of quarter collectibles showcase the colorized quarters. Collectors truly enjoy the richness and the perfect blending of colors to make the designs of the quarter coins unique from its gold and hologram counterparts. These colored quarters also reflect the state quarters which represent almost all the states of the United States in the order of how they joined the Union. At present, minted into colorized state quarters are almost all states in the United States and one may purchase all of the fifty coins in one complete set.

FC Mint showcases only genuine quarters in sets of five coins and minted only every after five years. This sets the production limit of the quarter coins which is the very reason why only a limited number of these items are out for the general public. With the use of up to date technology and precise skill in color and arts, these coins are vibrantly colorized. Quarters then are individually covered to protect the designs from being damaged. FC Mint takes pride of highly revolutionary method in colorizing which speaks of the distinctive colors of its coins.

Colorized quarters are a bit cheaper than the gold plated state quarters by almost five dollars. The application of the colors on the designs is so realistic that it further enhances the historic design of each of these coins. The state quarters are encapsulated individually and presentations boxes as well as folders are also provided to hold the entire set.

One of the finest releases is the 1998 to 2008 collection of both color and gold hologram state quarters which features quarters in 24 karat pure gold which were improved through the use of holograms and another set of colorized state quarters. This collection exemplifies both the state of the art application of plating, hologramming and coloring not often observed in other collector's item. There are one hundred coins which comprise this set and fifty of which are gold plated with holo while fifty which are colorized. Quarters have individual plastic capsules and the set is contained in two display folders with the certificate of authenticity included.

With its great and historic designs, the use of revolutionary technique in coloring, the packaging and the use of colors to come up with vibrant display of colors in these quarters, the Mint coins are certainly invaluable must have collection items.

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