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Aside from offering a wide variety of coin collectibles for many of the avid coin collectors, the FC Mints is offering its valued clients with a value guide where they can determine the value of their individual coin collections. This is one of the perfect mechanisms to help coin enthusiasts in taking track how much these possessions are worth. It is even more interesting to note that these coins value have constantly increased through time as compared to its other coin counterparts. More and more minted coins are available featuring recent presidents, elections, and events that add historic significance to the worth of these coins.

The coverage of these coins has also expanded to cover more denominations and more designs. Denominations now cover not only coins but also paper bills and denominations available are the pennies, quarters, half dollars and dollars. Commemorative coins come in different collections such as gold, silver, hologram and colored coins and these coins may come individually packed or in sets whichever a purchaser prefers.

Though Abraham Lincoln and George Washington coins became among the top commemorative presidential coins, recently minted Obama coins also became coin crowd favorite. Unfortunately, this dedicatory coin is for limited production runs only and not many may avail of it. Also sold are display frames for collectors to place picture of Obama and right to it is the coin in display. Among the popular commemorative collections of coins is the 1999 John F. Kennedy Delaware Half Dollar Colorized Commemorative coin that uses the design of the State Quarter of Delaware making a more colorful rendition of it in the Half Dollar JFK. This 1999 JFK Commemorative half dollar coin is worth $9.95.

Another commemorative coin collection is the Silver Dollar MS-68 San Francisco Old Mint 2006 release that features the 1870's to the 1920's design of the Morgan silver dollar that also mimics the size and silver content of the Morgan Silver dollars. Historically, the coin serves to commemorate the hundred year's anniversary of the 1906 earthquake and to honor California Mint's contribution to the coin history of the United States. Coin experts say that this coin is certainly one of the highest graded, graded on 70-point scale, among all the Silver Dollar Old Mint Commemorative coins of the United States. In a scale of 70, where 70 is considered as absolute perfection, an MS 68 rating is an almost perfect grade which signifies the absolutely flawless look of the coin in the naked eye. Further, a reputable and independent coin grading company grades the coin to ensure the quality and authenticity of the coin and at present, it is valued at $149.9.

Purchase of these coins with FC Mint assures interested buyers that they are getting only the best and the genuine coins for the price they pay since a purchase of a commemorative coin is a purchase of legal tender and a coin comes with a certificate of authenticity.

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