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Now In: Gold Buffalo Coin

The gold buffalo coin first came in the year 1913 by James Earle Fraser who made the designs from two types of nickel but the buffalo coin came from the first type. Considered as one of the first minted coins of the US government, the buffalo coins, made from pure 24-karat gold, is what keeps many collectors attracted to get it. Many coin experts believed that buffalo coins have overcome the popularity of the Maple Leaf gold coins as well as the gold coins of the Vienna Philharmonic. The latter coins being made only from 22-karat gold similar to that of the American Eagle gold coins. There are actually two editions of the gold buffalo coin namely the proof and the bullion. Of the two, the proof is the collector's coin with its intricate and detailed design that sells above par than that of the bullion.

The bullion on the other hand, is for investment purposes since the price of the bullion fluctuates just as the value of gold fluctuates in the market. According to coin experts, the buffalo coins come from .9999 fine gold, making purchases of this minted coins, one of the easiest ways to hold on pure gold coins. When the US congress approved the minting of buffalo gold coins in 2006, in seven months, there were three hundred thousand coins sold and disposed. It was indeed a great sales success attributed mainly to skillful promotion and telemarketing of this Buffalo-Indian head design.

The target markets of the coin are those who are interested at acquiring pure gold coins. Initially, many found the packaging of the coins are unattractive and inconvenient primarily because purchase of less than 20 coins requires cutting of the sheets making handling difficult. Latter, Mint introduced changes on the shipping as well as the packaging of the coins keeping it as competitive as the Maple Leaf coins. This change allowed many investors and collectors to take advantage of the pure gold contents of these coins. The sales from its first minting proved to be a resounding success among the gold coins minted. One of the recent collectibles is the $50 gold buffalo coin released in 2008. This coin is referred to as a perfect MS-70 signifying its value as one of the rarest and the most adored coin collectibles for the year 2008.

This coin measures approximately 1.26 inch in diameter and has .9999 or approximately 1 ounce of gold bullion as graded and certified by the ANACS. Each of these coins is capsulated in clear acrylic. The design of the coins depicts the traditional 1900's design of an Indian Chief with a buffalo back image. It continues to be one of the must collect minted coins for the year 2008 and it is currently valued at US$2, 0099.99 It is projected that more coins will be sold by the end of 2008 and by the opening of the next year as more are eying on a gold buffalo coin as gift present to love ones who are into coin collection.

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