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Now In: Gold Plated Quarters

One of the best collectible items not only in the United States is the FC Mint coin which is best as gift ideas or even personal collections. A good example of coins as presents is that it may replace birthstones as it could represent birth years. Likewise, purchasing one or a set of these coins is a good investment since the values of these coins appreciate.

The Gold Plated Quarters are among the most sought after collectible coins as it feature different state of the United States in the order of their association to the Union. Every five years, a set of five coins representing five states is minted in limited number and is plated with the finest quality gold that gives each of these items the rich golden color. The program started in 1999 with its first release of quarter coins and every year since then, five states are being recognized through the State Quarters.

It is the US Mint that struck the gold but the plating is not done by them as they do not have such capacity to have the coins gold plated. Quarters are said to be struck only for ten weeks and can never be struck again. Each of these coins is made from 24K gold and finished through world class gold plating standard to ensure vibrant color and display of the designs of these coins. Likewise, the quarters are the protected by capsulation of each of these coins and the set or collection is placed in folders or presentation cases.

For the year 1999, the complete set of 24 karat Gold Plated Quarters features the states of Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The 2000 quarter set collection consists of coins representing the states of Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Virginia. In 2001, another set of five coins was released which showcases the state quarters of Kentucky, New York, North Carolina, Rhode Island and Vermont. The states of Indiana, Louisiana, Mississippi, Ohio and Tennessee were the states featured in the 2002 edition while states of Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, Maine, and Missouri were the highlighted states for 2003.

Various states were featured in the subsequent releases and five states are featured for every release. A complete set of these state quarter coins from 1999 to 2008 was also released in gold plated finish. Up to present, not many are able to hold this one-of- a-kind collection since the production is limited only to a certain volume as allowed by law. Not often does one also get the chance to purchase the collection made from highest quality gold since there are also a number of bogus coins being advertised in the market. One might even realize that the one they are holding may not be as real and as unique as the original Mint gold plated coins. In order to get the real ones, make sure to place your orders directly avoiding third party or middleman. Generally, a set of the 24K Gold Plated Quarters is sold at US$29.99.

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