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FC Mint Coins are considered by many, especially the collectors, as among the most priceless possessions for those who love to acquire keepsake items like Hologram Quarters. Mint coins usually vary in terms of their designs, color, plating and creativity and among these are the Hologram State Quarters and sets. These items came out of a program honoring, for every year, five states in the United States in the order of their membership in the Union and were made much attractive with the use of genuine hologram. Quarters come individually capsulated while set of five quarters comes with presentation case or deluxe folders of one or two.

The coins are characterized by rich golden look which was made through the application of 24 karat pure gold plated in 7 mils and use of genuine holograms on the designs of the coins which give it a truly striking look. With the use of state of the art technology, designs are made visible despite gold plating and hologramming " The 1999 Hologram State Quarters 24K Gold Plated. For 1999, the collection includes five coins which represent the states of Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. . It is priced at US$29.99. " The 2000 Hologram State Quarter 24K Gold Plated. The 2000 collection is a set of five coins which represents the states of Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Virginia. It has almost the same features like the Mint state quarters as to weight and is similarly priced. " The 2001 Hologram State Quarter 24K Gold Plated. For this collection, the five coins represent the states of Kentucky, New York, North Carolina, Rhode Island and Vermont and with SKU - 5063-GH-01. " The 2002 Hologram State Quarter 24K Gold Plated. The 2002 collection consists of five coins which represent the states of Indiana, Louisiana, Mississippi, Ohio and Tennessee.

The 2003 Hologram State Quarter 24K Gold Plated. This set of state quarters consist of coins which showcase the states of Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, Maine and Missouri. " The 1999 to 2008 Hologram State Quarter Set 24K Gold Plated. This set of hologram quarters comes in a set of 50 coins from the years 1999 up to 2008 and are individually made from 24 karat gold and genuine hologram. Quarters are individually placed in protective capsules while the complete set of 50 coins comes with a sumptuous presentation folder free of charge and the set is priced at US$149.99. " The 1999 to 2008 State Quarters in Colored and Gold Hologram. This is a total of 100 state quarters, 50 of which in gold plated and hologram quarters and 50 coins in rich colorized quarter set. It comes with two display folders and a certificate of authenticity. These 100 colorized and gold plated hologram quarters are priced at US$259.99 for the set. Not everyone has the opportunity to grab one of these quarters made from the finest gold and hologram materials and not everyone has the opportunity to receive these quarters as tokens.

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