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State quarters have been a big hit since they started making their way into circulation in 1999 and into the collections of coin collectors and other citizens alike. You can see the different coins available at www.fcmint.com and find something that will make the perfect addition to your collection. Each year there are five states added to the state quarter series with each being struck for about ten weeks and then never made again.

The 2008 New Mexico and Oklahoma state quarter collection is an inexpensive way to add to your state quarters. The gold plated quarters make an impressive addition to any collection. If you want a truly unique state quarter collection, the 2004 24K gold plated hologram state quarters make these popular coins even more attractive. The state quarter collection contains Michigan, Florida, Texas, Iowa, and Wisconsin, each plated with seven mils of pure 25 karat gold. Holograms are applied to the designs lending an even more beautiful appearance.

The 2004 state quarter collection is made up of the same states as the hologram quarters, but these quarters are colorized with authentic holograms. Coins are gold plated with gold then the holograms are applied to make this state quarter collection the most colorful one you will find. The high quality gold plating and hologramming give these coins an eye-catching design that lets the original pattern of the coin show through the beautiful colors.

The 2005 24K gold plated hologram state quarters make an impressive collection for anyone. The five coin set includes those representing the states of California, Minnesota, Oregon, Kansas, and West Virginia. The intricate patterns are wonderfully captured in multi-color and enhanced on the golden background. To see a picture, you can visit the FC mint and look at these coins. You really need to see them to appreciate their unique beauty.

The 2005 24K gold plated state quarter collection has a more classic appeal while still having the unique characteristics of 25 K gold. This collection also includes the five states that were released in the 2005 year including California, Minnesota, Oregon, Kansas, and West Virginia. Even though they are not colorized, these coins are not available from the U.S. Mint as they cannot colorize or gold plate coins. However, each is an authentic state coin that has been produced by the mint and then gold plated by the FC Mint.

If you are a serious collector, the 1999 - 2007 Colorized state quarter collections with oak boxes will provide you with a total of ninety coins produced during the nine year period. These coins were produced in both the Philadelphia and Denver mints. Each has been beautifully colorized with vibrant colors and the state quarter collection comes with two oak display boxes to show off your coins. The program continues through 2008 and the boxes supply a space for all fifty state quarters.Other state quarter collections are available at the FC Mint for you or to give as a gift. Each is made from an authentic state quarter from the U.S. Mint and is exquisitely detailed. If you are a Dale Earnhardt or Joe Dimaggio fan, you can find a state quarter honoring your favorite player. Or choose one as a gift for your favorite fan.

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